Divine Encounter by Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye




This book is a two part work that will provide the determined child of God with a way out of the quagmire of financial lack and insufficiency. Rooted in basic easy to follow principles, this practical book is written in lucid conversational style, and comes from the heart and pen of one who has known deep abject poverty, and has come to a point where he can say by the grace of God He brought me out . Using familiar Bible stories, it highlights the transformational power of encourters with God and the tremendous blessings that ensue. This book will change your life. It is a must read for those who want to break the backbone of poverty and experience God s financial overflow. May this volume also guide you into a deeper walk with Almighty God, as He imparts His omnipotence on your finances, and may thousands, now and in heaven, be able to testify that through money God put in your pocket, their destiny was positively altered.


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